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New here, need help

Discussion in 'CSS' started by Jconklin85, Nov 27, 2017.

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    Hello I just uploaded my new website to a test directory on my host, I wanted to test it live before I finish editing. Everything is working except the content wrapper isn't working with safari? The site works on all browsers except safari... can anyone help. Thanks
    My site is here www.ctbowhunting.com/test/dark/
    Jconklin85, Nov 27, 2017 IP
  2. deathshadow

    deathshadow Acclaimed Member

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    Could you be more specific? "not working" is decidedly vague and it seems to check out ok here in blink -- though I don't have proper access to webkit based browsers at the moment.... though it being a fixed width layout with ZERO responsive layout (near as I can tell at least) it's not mobile friendly so perhaps that's part of what's biting you?

    There ARE a lot of worries in your codebase though; the endless pointless DIV for nothing, hordes of classes for nothing, presentational classes like "center", sending screen media only style to "all", outdated attributes (like type on CSS <link> or <script>), outdated charset declaration, broken shortcut icon (don't say type there either), load blocking scripts in the <head>, endless pointless separate scripts slowing the load time, endless separate images failing to leverage techniques like CSS sprites, massive background image too big to belong in the template of a website (the scirpttardery changing that making the painfully long page-load and bandwidth hogging even WORSE), quirky slideshow that seems to change slides at random times instead of at a fixed rate, slideshow sucking down screen space that might be better used for actual content, JavaScript for stuff that JS probably shouldn't even be used for, clearing DIV like it's still 2003, shoving new windows down the user's throat whether they want them or not with the stupid malfing target attribute we've been told for twenty damned years to stop using, empty alt (which is as bad as having none), images doing text's job... and don't even get me started about the GIBBERISH use of numbered headings...

    Like how can you even HAVE numbered headings without a H1 for them to be subsections of? How can you have a H4 without a H3 for it to be the start of a subsection of? Are "latest posts" and "gallery" REALLY the start of subsections of "2017 Member's Harvests" since that's what a H3 after a H2 means? You've failed to use the most basic of HTML tags properly -- likely because you chose them for their size and weight instead of their MEANING; and if you choose your HTML tags based on their default appearance you're choosing all the wrong tags for all the wrong reasons.

    Remember, the H1 is the tag that ALL lower level headings on ALL pages in your page (unless you use HTML 5's idiotic pointles redundant <section> tag) indicate the start of subsections of. H2 indicating the start of top-level subsections, h3 indicating the start of subsections of the H2 preceding it, H4 indicatiing the start of subsections of the H3 preceding it and so forth -- with HR meaning a change in topic/section where heading text is unwanted/unwarranted. They do NOT actually MEAN different font-sizes and weights or "draw a line across the screen".

    Altogether being how you've got 15.5k of markup and some 28 non-media files (HTML+CSS+SCRIPTS) doing the job of 8k of markup and three or four files. Same for two dozen or so of your images -- like the social media stuff -- doing one image file or a font's job!

    Admittedly a LOT of that is nube-predator scam-bait like jQuery teaching you how NOT to build a website.
    deathshadow, Dec 2, 2017 IP