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New Help in Uploading Google Sitemaps

Discussion in 'Google Sitemaps' started by pavan_843, Feb 25, 2008.

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    I had Creeated New blogger and created a site map " sitemap.xml"
    How do I upload to blogger.
    I tried in google. and came to know that I have to upload in to the directory.
    But how to connect ....from ftp.
    what will be the access link for ftp of blogger.

    some says atom.xml... ??
    I could not understand. by seeing in google I had named my sitemap as

    but I have not uploaded any thing... file to ftp of blogger since I could not able to connect to the blogger.

    I have seen many of people created there site map and there blogger details are coming in the google search engine... but mine is not coming up
    my blogger name is oracleinternals.blogspot.com
    some says that through RSS feed they will do this...how.. Please provide the
    full steps ..?/

    any body please help me...
    pavan_843, Feb 25, 2008 IP
  2. astup1didiot

    astup1didiot Notable Member

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    Your atom.xml feed is located in your top level directory, just add atom.xml instead of sitemap.xml, you don't need to create or build one blogger does this for you.
    astup1didiot, Feb 25, 2008 IP
  3. Ann_India

    Ann_India Peon

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    I agree with ssandecki. Blogspot has atom.xml in the root of your blog. Use it.

    Now a days most of the popular blog hosting website like blogspot, wordpress etc has a feed of a blog which could further be used to add in GWT & other RSS directory.
    Ann_India, Feb 25, 2008 IP