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New Google Documentary - released Video 19th July

Discussion in 'Google' started by dotcomguy, Aug 1, 2006.

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    Hi guys,

    Interesting insight to google as a company, In the begining, how google ranks sites ( direct from google ), features interviews with alot of google employees and more. NOTE: this is not googles own in house doc.

    If you have a spare 46 minutes then this video will fill that free time.

    dotcomguy, Aug 1, 2006 IP
  2. rlynch

    rlynch Peon

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    i laugh at the moron that fears google's storing of data

    his gmail example is idiotic. what about other mail providers like hotmail or aol?

    dont they store your emails on their servers?

    i wonder if he uses a credit card, or has a bank account, or uses a telephone

    dont think that is logged as well

    i must add that the internet archive guys analogy of "only having one encyclopedia" is also dumb

    google doesnt write any content.....

    i loved near the end the twist vint cerf put on the interviewers question
    rlynch, Aug 1, 2006 IP
    dotcomguy likes this.
  3. dotcomguy

    dotcomguy Peon

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    I argee, I also thought he could of used a better example such as two news articles reporting the same story from a different angle / perspective.
    dotcomguy, Aug 1, 2006 IP