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New Google Business Site urls

Discussion in 'Google' started by addaminsane, Aug 1, 2017.

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    So in recently setting some things up for a local business i noticed that google now seems to be pushing their own website platform for business websites and utilizes a .business.site extension. The setup is ultra simple ... one page ... automatically updates with google info .... and takes away need for hosting or even the need to own a .com.
    With the recent rise in people primarily using smart phones and tablets over traditional computers, i feel that the functionality of the platform is very high ... So many web design advances and trends seem to be fading into obscurity.

    In terms of Local Search SERP rankings ... Do you think that google is or will be giving more credit to sites utilizing their new platform over sites that are still being hosted elsewhere with a generic tld?

    At this point, the only downfall i see to the platform is less ability to create extra pages with specific content that can gain search traffic from general information type queries...
    addaminsane, Aug 1, 2017 IP
  2. MrKing01

    MrKing01 Active Member

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    I think the idea is good. The .business.site extension is easy to setup and there's no need to purchase a domain name or hosting. People with low computer skills could benefit from this. Especially if they own a small business where there's no need for a flashy website. For example a barber. He is not selling any products online and could come to terms with a simple website that displays opening hours, business address and a picture of the business. Also I could see some SEO benefits. Some believe that Google give people that use their service, for example Google+ and blogspot, higher ranking in search results. With regard to this a .business.site could be beneficial in SEO regards.

    However I can't see how this would revolutionize the Internet and bring millions of business owners to use this extension. The main reason is that the extension is too simple. One page is not enough for people that run online shops. So businesses in this area are excluded. Also Google is not actively marketing this extension, so people will rather use Wix or another "Drag and drop" service provider that constantly run ads. Just look at the marketing Wix is doing on Youtube. If you look at any video that is somehow web related, you will see a Wix ad where a famous person is telling how easy Wix is to use. So Google's decision to not market the extension coupled with the fact that other providers run an ad infinitum advertising campaign, will make people more willing to use them instead of Google's extension. If you asked 100 businesses if they knew that Google had an extension like this, I doubt that even 1 business would know that there is an extension like this.

    Moreover I understand the point you are making about the problem with people not being able to create extra pages. As an online business
    you want to drive traffic to your site and that could be done by for example adding articles and a blog to your site. Then when people make information type queries, they may land at your site. With this extensions that opportunity is excluded and that adds more weight to the disadvantages than the advantages with the extension.
    MrKing01, Aug 3, 2017 IP
  3. addaminsane

    addaminsane Well-Known Member

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    You make alot of good points ... many that I ended up considering before going with a traditional TLD ...

    I haven't yet ran across anyone using the google business site url ... I'm sure there are some, but it definitely hasn't taken off ...
    addaminsane, Dec 14, 2017 IP
  4. bobocheez

    bobocheez Active Member

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    business.site....what kind of TLD is that? Jesus

    This is starting to feel like Google+ all over again. Getting into industries just because they're forced to spend the stacks of cash they generate each year.

    Google has been trying to get into the text-based content game for a while. AMP is having decent success.

    They could make this work, but when you have things like Medium, Squarespace and WordPress, it's a hard market to penetrate. These services have been refined like a Porsche. Each version looking like the last, but getting better and better.
    bobocheez, Dec 14, 2017 IP