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New Affiliate Program

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by bfellow, Jul 16, 2010.

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    Hey guys,

    Wanted to introduce my new affiliate program to everyone here on DP. First the link:

    Just click on the affiliate link at the top to join.

    My company sells our own line of herbal incense similar to K2 and Spice. This is a wildly popular product right now. What makes us special though?

    1) High quality product. We went through dozens of variations and dozens of different raw ingredient suppliers to finally define our product.

    2) Free shipping on all orders. Makes conversions that much easier.

    3) Price. Most competitors sell for between $35 and $45. We sell for $29.95.

    4) Commission. We offer a 30% commission on all orders.

    5) NET 15 terms.

    I've personally been in Internet Marketing since 1999, so I tried to tailor an affiliate program to be one that I would join my self.

    As far as marketing rules go, we are pretty easy going. If it generates a sale, then you get commission for it. We reserve the right to refuse and close accounts, but we'll only do that in an extreme circumstance. If you have questions, just contact me.
    Thanks, and I hope to be working with a few of you soon!
    bfellow, Jul 16, 2010 IP