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Networkel - CCNA and CCNP Online Training

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by manishing, Apr 28, 2017.

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    The CCNA certification program is the most basic training program on Cisco's networking technology. In fact, you learn basic information about CCNA networking, IPv4, IPv6, switching and routing. When you learn all these things, you can easily obtain the certificate by entering the CCNA certificate exam. The CCNA certification is an excellent step for you to start your career in the networking or telecommunications sector. With this certificate, you can start working in networking units of many corporate companies. In the majority of today's job vacancies, CCNA is sought as a precondition for network proficiency positions.

    Networkel brings a new breath to the online network trainings, as well as English trainings and Turkish trainings. Networkel’s CCNA course consists of 52 great training videos. Training is divided into four main parts :

    1- Introduction to Networks

    2- Routing and Switching Principles

    3- Scaling Networks

    4- Connecting Networks

    As you can see in detail when you click on the "Curriculum" tab, there are excellent laboratory exercises to improve your practice skills at the end of some lessons. These exercises will help you to have experience with router and switch devices.

    The biggest advantage of the course is that the CCNA training videos can be used for laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc. You can watch the videos from any place! If you do not understand something in the lesson, you can easily rewind the video and easily understand the main point.

    Before taking this training you don’t need to know about networking ! Everything is explained in detail from scratch. The only thing you need to do is to install Packet Tracer or GNS3 for the laboratory exercises in the course, and then gain practical skills by practicing with pleasure.

    If you want to advance your career in the network area, you can easily accomplish this with Networkel CCNA training videosYou can click on the following link to access the course:

    Online CCNA Training Videos

    Networkel also has another training about Cisco’s Professional level training : CCNP (Cisco Certified Networking Professional) . This training is like a workbook. You can easily understand the most important topics of the CCNP exam with practical examples. Employees who have CCNP certification can now find jobs in IT departments of companies with very good salaries. For CCNP training, you can click on the following link:

    CCNP Training

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