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NeoGAF, and most other gaming forums, are now a waste of time!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Johnny Mnemonic, Apr 18, 2019.

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    I've been a member of a lot of forums over the years, and the users that inhabit certain forums are not the nicest or most sane of the online bunch. I know that's highly common on the Internet, but as a fan of something for over 20 years, that baffles me.

    Recently, I've been banned twice on NeoGAF. I got banned the first time for calling the members there "pussies" after I had enough of their carry on. Some, but not all of them, seem to be elitist Resident Evil fans that clearly like all the trash that Capcom shoves down our throats. Even if people still love the newer entries, I personally do not care much for them, if at all. It's because I consider the franchise to be dead, and the other, fiercely loyal fans are now wearing walker skins, believing Capcom, and believing the series will get better. I'm not joking.

    Over the years, Capcom has taken the aspects that made the series great, and taken it further and further away from what it started out as. You know that when a company does that, it's on its last legs, or at the very least, things are heading in a direction that no one with half a brain, should care about. We've seen this unfold with countless other brilliant franchises, like The Terminator, for example. Sales talk means nothing to me either. A game could be a commercial success, by selling millions of units, and then turn out to be overly hyped-up, and as a result, it comes across as A grade pish. A game could sell less than that amount of copies and still prove to be a hit with fans, because of how it is pulled off. Execution is important. Major sales is not always an indicator of a great quality product. Indie games can show that this is true.

    I know The Last of Us is a mega budget game made by Naughty Dog, and it isn't even a 100% horror game, because while it is still classed as a horror game, I'd say that it borders more so on being an adventure-drama game. OK. But Naughty Dog, unlike Capcom, put a lot of care into developing that game, so when the remastered version got released, you probably wanted to pay for it all over again. The locations in Resident Evil 2 unfortunately, all look bland and buggy, and to say that this modern day, shooter-ish tripe is better than the original 1998 game, is kind of stupid. Not to mention, Capcom scammed everybody with the "We do it!" announcement they made back in 2015. It's not even a remake. It's a reimagining, and so they marketed it as such. To me, it wasn't really that atmospheric or memorable, and there was tons of cut content to boot. After I finished it, I thought it was quite good, but I forgot about it in like a week.

    Notice that it's taken Naughty Dog over 7 years to bring out a sequel? That's because there's no half-assing their game. All Capcom does on the other hand, is play on nostalgic titles with their recent move towards remaking the originals, or they purposefully rip stuff off from other movies and games now for the sequels, and the fact that they put the main characters in games a lot, is just a way to get fans to go buying them, or it's yet another cheap way to link it to the prior games, that otherwise have zero to do with the plot in the latest one, and this has been going on now for the longest time.

    Revelations 2
    actually rips off The Last of Us. Moira hunts rabbits in the winter, only it's the old guy with her that uses a rifle. Ellie did it first, and they just switched things up slightly, but who are they fooling, really? In fact, the crafting system and all that is borrowed from that game too, among other things. And 7: Biohazard is a rip off of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Trancers, The Evil Dead, and Saw. Chris Redfield's redesign is pants, and it looks like no care was put into doing that whatsoever. They blame the very RE Engine that they created, but they could have gotten some 50 year old man with a black beard to model Chris. They could have hired a total nobody that roughly looked like a man his age at the time, and it still would have resembled Chris. Rather than do that, they did the most illogical thing, and hired some guy that looked fresh out of college, despite Chris not looking that young any longer.

    Like I said, all Capcom does is pull this crap out of their butt chutes and expects gullible people to like it. The plot is so dumb as well, yet all the members on NeoGAF ever do is state that the plot has never been good anyway. Like, what the hell? If they honestly think that, it's clear that they don't care about Shinji Mikami's hard work, and they think this is all Capcom's doing. WRONG!

    I post on NeoGAF, as thesaunderschild. I don't say to anybody that they shouldn't express how they feel. Some people think Resident Evil 4 is the best thing to happen to gaming since bread became sliced. Granted, their other opinions are flawed as all hell, but it is their own opinions. But this one dude ("Geki-D") just starts flaming me all of the time, so I just reply to tell him off, because it's disruptive. The most common sense thing to do would be for a moderator to delete that guy's spam or insults, and ask him to move on. Nope! They just lock the threads, after a good 20 odd folk took the time to reply. It's crap like that which makes me hate forums these days.

    YouTube is also a waste of time. If you speak into a camera, regardless of whether you're venting or just honestly putting facts out there, they make fun of your accent, or say you're a cry baby. Yet other YouTubers do the same thing. The only difference is, they already have tons of followers and boast of a fancy arsenal of recording gear, unlike me. It makes my points no less valid than theirs.

    One guy that used to be somewhat plaintive in his videos, is Nemesis. He used to have a hyphen after his name before he removed it, and all he did was scream into a microphone and cry on camera about how Capcom destroyed the franchise. Like, the camera he used was not that good and you could see his bedroom in the background. He eventually made it to 4K subscribers, but I think he may have gotten half of those initially via his Highschool of the Dead content. Regardless, he switched across to discussing Resident Evil a number of years ago. It's mainly Resident Evil he talks about, although he has rabbited on about other games too. In the recent past, he even said he would not buy the Resident Evil 2 remake, but I think he just said that to make himself sound high and mighty in front of his cult, since he did purchase it all the same, but he claims they asked him to.
    Last year, two guys called BioDevil_Dom and Renegade Operative were really laying into him, over his content. They said he should be blacklisted from the community, because he 'misleads' the fans. They made a lot of videos about him thereafter. Then at some point, I replied to them using my real name and made my own response videos, shirtless, and with a toothbrush in hand. Plus, I even told them about my Encyclopedia Dramatica entry. There's stuff on it about me 'hitting' a girl years ago, but it's not as bad as they make out. Anyway, I posted some video of a captured mouse and for a joke, I said it was this Ren person. They saved that video, and others, and made a few reaction videos, dissecting what I said.

    The guy they originally bullied turned on me, because I said America deserved the 9/11 attacks. Well, I didn't really mean that. I just said it, kind of like a way of gaining cheap heat, but he turned on me over those remarks. I guess that is understandable, giving that I heavily insulted his nation. Do note, that this came about because I chose to be a white knight for him, and they started saying he was Senpai Nemesis. Recently, they've focused their attention on mocking different users, such as Suzy Lu.

    After a lengthy absence, due to being imprisoned over some, in real life, yet unrelated BS, I saw they made another video back in August, this time mocking my acting skills, and for me looking like I was crying over Nemesis for disowning me from his channel. They know I've got a form of autism too and I mentioned that I like transgenders, so they called me a manchild and said I like traps, among other things. They even started referring to me as a paedophile when they found out that "Grace Saunders" (a name I use a lot elsewhere) is a female kid from a similar, horror game. Like, that even should matter at all.

    They apparently made up with Nemesis, because he quit yelling in his videos, but just as they were deleting the videos about him, I (just in the nick of time) saved a couple of the most relevant ones, and uploaded them to archive.org to keep as proof. You can see here that they were originally mocking him really hard, but now they act like that's all ancient history. They really doubled-down on the insults too, when I obtained one of their addresses after finding his name on PayPal, then pretended like I was resurrecting old Internet drama so they could try to save face.


    The rest of this garbage can be viewed here.



    Besides the fact that morons populate message boards, another problem is that on actual Resident Evil forums, the main site that the forum is connected to, is practically always dead. A dead site is indeed going to be an unattractive one, and it's like no one cares about using forums anymore. Even when new games are announced, you hardly notice any activity going on. Some people still post on the relatively few survival horror related forums that remain online, but there's never really any new blood, so it is kind of pointless to post when you probably won't get a reply. That register button just gathers up dust. But these people going on about Resident Evil 2 being amazing, and behaving like it's the second coming of Jesus Christ or something... I just don't get it at all.

    After reading all that, what's the point in visiting those forums anymore?
    Johnny Mnemonic, Apr 18, 2019 IP