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Negative PR Campaign

Discussion in 'Advertising' started by nevetS, Jun 6, 2008.

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    Long story short. (There's a very long version).
    My sister was assaulted by her landlord when trying to return the keys after she moved out. At least a portion of it is on video - though I have not seen it yet (video being sent to me snail mail).

    The management company does business online, via Craig's List I'm sure, and potentially other avenues.

    I'm interested in hiring a PR firm that can help strategize a campaign to warn people away from this business both online and in local media outlets. Right now, I'm thinking a separate firm for online strategy would work well, but if I can find someone who can find locals to work with that would be great. The local aspect is important because I want to put some outside pressure on the DA's office to pursue tough charges rather than let this guy off easy.

    I want to keep it above board but aggressive.

    There is a long history of bad behavior on the part of this firm.

    If anybody can take it on, or can pass on a link or two to help me get started in finding a firm - I would appreciate it.
    nevetS, Jun 6, 2008 IP