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Negative feedback for nothing - Premium Member here

Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by extremephp, Sep 4, 2011.

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    A notification box welcomed me today as I logged in to my account, showing a negative feedback gifted to me from a 0 post guy.
    I recently started a thread, but gave no attention to it afterwards, and here is the link :


    I expected some better clients, but well, doesnt matter, I never cared about the thread after posting, and today was the day I am checking it again after posting.

    So this guy gave me a neg feedback saying that I scammed him for some shit.


    Here is the itrader :http://forums.digitalpoint.com/itrader_detail.php?ir=617237&u=413733

    And it is the only negative one I have.

    I hope someone would be kind enough to delete that, and delete his post in the thread, and then close the thread. Seeing the thread is live, I am seeing a lot of negatives coming to me in future for doing nothing. I know threads arent deleted, but if it can be, please do.

    extremephp, Sep 4, 2011 IP