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Negative business reviews!! How to find the poster's ip address???

Discussion in 'Yahoo' started by plumbpro, Oct 15, 2012.

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    Is there anyway to find the ip address of someone who has left a negative review of my company on the local Yahoo business listings?? (LEGAL or NOT)

    We are about to initiate a lawsuit against a competetior who has been slandering our business among other things and I feel that this rewiew was potentially left by them as the review specifically mentions both companies involved in this ordeal. If I could backtrack the ip address and it (possibly) came from them it would help prove damages and stop them from what they are doing!!

    The review is here:

    Thanks for any ideas or assisstance!
    plumbpro, Oct 15, 2012 IP
  2. PaulSch

    PaulSch Active Member

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    I would suggest contacting Yahoo, explain that you are initiating a lawsuit and request that they supply you with the IP address.
    PaulSch, Oct 15, 2012 IP