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Need your help with creating a Sitemap for VBulleting 4.0

Discussion in 'Google Sitemaps' started by IGAL, Aug 30, 2010.

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    Hi guys,
    I would like to create a Sitemap (xml) for the Google Webmaster tools for my new VBulletin 4.0 forum so that I'll be able to add new pages manually and of course for Google to index my new threads much faster.
    The truth is that I have no idea where to start, VBseo offers for free only sitemaps for older versions of VBulletin even though this version exists for about 9 months now, can anyone help me please?
    I'm new to the whole thing so I don't really know how to create or how to install.

    Thank a lot for your help!
    IGAL, Aug 30, 2010 IP
  2. websitetools

    websitetools Well-Known Member

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    Are you sure there isn't a sitemaps plugin?

    If there really isn't you could use A1 Sitemap Generator and then exclude unwanted URL patterns in its output/list exclude filters (e.g. to avoid profile pages etc. in XML sitemaps)
    websitetools, Aug 30, 2010 IP