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need to add a step in the create user wizard in vwd2005

Discussion in 'C#' started by imadsani, Jan 19, 2009.

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    hi .. this is my first time posting here ..

    im making a student info system for my uni as a project .. all the tables i designed have been incorporated into the asp.net database .. along with the user system that the system automatically generated through the wizard.. now . the thing is want that when a new user is created some data be automatically entered into the seperate student user database .. i was able to locate the stored procedure which did that.. tested with a dummy table along with existing variables from the stored procedure and it worked.. now the thing is .. when i try to add a drop down box extracting data from a user type table .. it doesnt send the result to the stored procedure. and hence i get an error every time i run it saying that it was expecting a value .. and cannot proceed without it .. i did some digging and found out that there was some code behind the submit button which was sending the data to the stored procedure .. this was supposed to be easy to modify .. but i cant get to the backend of the button.. its protected by the createuserwizard. .i cant even make any changes to its appearance while in design mode let alone go into the click event of it ..

    so i need help on how i can edit the code behind that button to add another line of data ..

    a speedy answer would be greately appreciated
    imadsani, Jan 19, 2009 IP