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Need suggestions

Discussion in 'Content Management' started by speer1234, Jul 11, 2016.

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    I need some input on a framework / theme packages / CMS to make a professional website (without too much coding required, but the option to interact with the code is great which I would definitely use down the road, im mostly concerned with just get a respectful website site up for the time being).

    The key technologies I want to implement (if not now, in the future) are:

    1) Querying Amazon for data (prices of products and rankings) 2) Having a log in option for customers to store their details (address, email, phone, etc). 3) A shopping cart to store customer items (products they're going to sell to me). 4) The option to query a third-party site to automatically process and create courier shipping labels through my account(customers will use this to ship me items they have in their cart).

    I know these technologies will be the most difficult (1 and 4 especially) to implement, which I may postpone and accept manual queries from customers like I am doing now in the meantime.

    So far I've been recommended bootstrap and have been dabbling through different themes (never used before):, wrapbootstrapand I have been looking for themes here as well: themeforest. Like I said, themes will be the easier part, its the technologies which will cause difficulty.
    In summary, any suggestions on sources of CMS / frameworks and themes that I can build off that could easily implement the technologies I desire?
    speer1234, Jul 11, 2016 IP
  2. ijoome

    ijoome Active Member

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    Drupal With Drupal Commerce Module May help you to achieve this..
    ijoome, Jul 18, 2016 IP