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Need suggestion for creating a simple program

Discussion in 'Programming' started by peaceandlove, Jul 27, 2021.

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    Well, I will try my best to explain my needs

    Actually, I have expertise in before VB6 and Crystal Report and using both I created a simple Accounting (Ledger App) where we can just input the party name, debit or credit value and then create ledger report.

    Now i want to create it again but possible to be used in both computer and mobile device (if possible) so need suggestion what programming languge or tool like Wordpress etc can be best

    My simple targe is to create a form where we create seperate customer and for each custer a form will be there to enter their debit or credit amount and simple on searching for particual custoemr we get

    Name, Debit, Credit and Blaance.

    ofcourse we need to print reports too.
    So what programing languge you can suggest is best and easy to use, might be a tool where we did not need programing like JOOMLA, WP, We do have kodular etc for mobile devices so please suggest best one so i can learn it and make this app
    peaceandlove, Jul 27, 2021 IP
  2. mmerlinn

    mmerlinn Prominent Member

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    Since you need to access your database from multiple devices, it is no longer a simple program. You will need both backend and frontend. And security now becomes a MAJOR issue. For the backend you will need a database to store your records and a way to access them from the front end.

    If it will be browser based you will need at a minimum a backend program to talk to your browser based frontend. If it is not browser based you will need a different frontend program for EVERY device as well as a backend to save and retrieve your data.

    Before you start choosing programs, you need to define exactly what you need to do and how you expect it to work. Once you know that, then you can choose the tools necessary to get your job done.

    I doubt that Turdpress will do what you need to do. Same with bootcrap and all of the rest of the available CMSs.
    mmerlinn, Jul 31, 2021 IP
  3. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    I was astounded that the OP felt wordpress doesn't need programming.

    It probably would do what is needed if it's just a simple form.

    I've created forms for native apps using jasonelle and using php to generate the json feed. It's great but now that I'm learning flutter it's just easier to do it that way.
    sarahk, Jul 31, 2021 IP