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Need someone knowing how to do Project Management / itil related

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by hippo_dance, May 4, 2012.

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    using of MS Project and MS Word to complete.
    Need a soft-copy of it plus all requested charts.
    Present in PowerPoint format clearly showing how you plan to manage the project from the beginning till the end.
    Optional: You are also to record a 10 to 15 second video clip to illustrate your project-in-action. This clip should be inserted into the last slide of your ppt.


    Migration Systems Private Limited is a Systems Integration company that helps customer to setup computers/servers and network. A customer from Tetra Private Limited is a software development company and they have approached your company to migrate some LIVE-running network equipment from an old building into a new rack in their new office building. As a project manager for Migration Systems Private Limited, you are assigned to manage the project from the beginning till the end.

    Below are some details on the project:

    • Your Team MAY consists of the following members:
    - Project Manager (yourself)
    - Team Lead Engineer
    - Project Sponsor
    - System Administrator

    • The estimated amount allocated for the project is $50,000

    • The new rack will have the following equipment:

    Equipment Model

    Hardware Enterprise Firewall 1 Cisco ASA 5510 Series
    Hardware Enterprise Firewall 2 Cisco ASA 5510 Series
    Content Switch Cisco 11500 Series
    Content Switch Cisco 11500 Series
    Switch Cisco 3560 Series
    Wireless Access Point Cisco Aeronet 1200 Series
    Router Cisco 2800 Series
    Server Dell PowerEdge R200

    Task 1: Initiation

    Come up with your own list of people that you think should be involved and produce a project charter

    Task 2: Scope planning
    To achieve what is required for the project. The project team has come up with the following main job scope

    1.0 Requirements gathering
    2.0 Stock taking of equipment
    3.0 xxxxxxxxxx
    4.0 xxxxxxxxxx
    5.0 xxxxxxxxxx
    6.0 xxxxxxxxxx

    Based on the deliverables, produce a more detailed WBS. You are to use the brief outline of the main scope above and further breakdown to create more details work packages E.g.

    7.0 Requirements
    7.1 xxxx
    7.2 xxxx

    Task 3: Schedule planning

    Based on the activities that was derived in the previous step, provide the duration of the activities carried out.

    Activities Duration
    1 Requirement
    1.1 Arrange meeting 2
    1.2 Gather requirement 3

    You are to use this information together with the WBS information in Task 3 to create a MS Project (refer to Appendix for more instruction). Take note that not all tasks should be sequential (one after another), some of your tasks has to be in parallel

    Your project start date should be 4th Nov and should update the project calendar if there is any holiday (if there are no holiday, specify any date during the project as holiday )

    Based on your MS Project Gantt chart, answer the following

    1a) Specify the holiday dates below

    1b) When is your project start date, stop date?

    2) From the chart, list the critical tasks using the Task ID number.


    2) What is the duration of the whole project in terms of number of days?

    Task 4 : Project Quality Management
    Your project team has set up the system and is performing testing with user. Some problems are being discovered based on user feedback. Think of what might be some possible problems that users may face and represent the information using the Pareto chart and list out which are the problems that are considered more critical based on the chart.

    Problems Number of users commented
    Network too slow 4
    Not familiar with the setup 20
    Xxxxxxx 15

    Task 5: Project Human Resource Management

    You are at the testing stage of the project and you need to test out the system with some existing customers. You need to clarify who need to do what for the testing. The staffs involved are
    Resource Name Initials Position
    You U Project Manager
    e.g. Nelson N Network Engineer
    e.g. John J Sponsor
    e.g. Sam S System Administrator

    - Determine the customers to be targeted for testing
    - Develop the test plan
    - Conduct test plan
    - Review results

    Based on the above information, develop a RAM (responsibility assignment matrix) similar to the one shown below:

    Tasks Person in charged
    Determine the customer
    Develop test plan
    Conduct test plan
    Review results

    Task 6: Communications Management
    Prepare a communication plan involving the sponsors, Team members, management. The communication plan must answer the 4 W's and 1 H's. An example is shown below

    Who What When
    Management Monthly Status Report weekly

    Task 7: Project Risk Management
    The files that the software development team members use in their work will be stored in the file server. The file servers and client PCs will be connected to the same set of network equipment.

    The information in the server is streamed to the client PCs in real-time and it is very important that network downtime should be minimized.

    Also, all the PC and servers are connected to the internet via the network equipment to enable the team members to access resources from the internet

    Based on the information above and your own information gathered, try to identify the different risks and grade them in terms of Probability and impact. Also try to come up with the necessary measures to prevent the risk from happening or reduce the impact. An example is shown below

    Risk Probability Impact Response Type
    Equipment hardware failure Low High -spare equipment available -mitigation



    Further information for the MS Project

    1) Resource assignment

    The following are the human resources available to the project:

    Resource Name Initials Position
    You U Project Manager
    e.g Nelson N Network Engineer
    e.g John J Sponsor
    e.g Sam S System Administrator

    You are to assign the resources to the relevant tasks in your MS Gantt Chart and show it in the Gantt Chart in your submission (Chart 1). Remember to save the MS project as a baseline at this point of time.

    2) Assuming that during the project execution phase, the delivery time for one of the equipment too 2 weeks longer that what you have planned, update this information in your Gantt showing the updated information and the baseline information together in a single chart.

    3) All chart sprinted must show the Title, Task List, Gantt Chart, and project summary information.

    Willing to pay good price for it.
    hippo_dance, May 4, 2012 IP
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