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Selling Need simple HTML form with Javascript Form Validation

Discussion in 'Programming' started by jasonxxx102, Oct 17, 2013.



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    Ok, so here are the requirements.
    1. It needs to be finished by Thursday Obtober 17th by 11:30PM

    1. The form shall include 6 required fields First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Email Address validation, a school drop down containing 4 universities and a “Save Form” button.

    2. The form shall be formatted using cascading style sheets, form entry fields shall have a different background color than white, the labels for the fields shall be in bold and the form button shall be any color other than the default gray

    Form Validation

    1. First name and Last name should only contain letters.
    2. The form validation shall check the Firstname and Lastname fields, if they equal the name (John Smith) and the school is equal to one on the list then you should display the schools logo on the form page and change the page background color to green.

    3. The form validation shall ensure that the email addresses entered by the user match and are valid email addresses. If they do not match you should show the user an error message and put the focus (this is a form property!) on that field so the user can correct their error.

    4. The form validation shall return focus to incorrectly completed form fields (or the first incorrect if there are more than one incorrectly complete fields).

    5. The form validation shall give the user feedback that their form has been completed incorrectly by giving the user an error message.

    6. The form validation shall change the background color of incorrectly completed fields to red.

    You tell me how much you will charge for this.
    jasonxxx102, Oct 17, 2013 IP
  2. ziko-9

    ziko-9 Member

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    If you still looking for this please add me on skype: lblogueur
    ziko-9, Oct 19, 2013 IP