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Need SEO advice for a ePages e-commerce site!

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by datatrond, Nov 4, 2008.

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    This website is running ePages and I have some things I would like a discussion about.

    1. The clients ePages web developer says that this installation/design is SEO friendly and that no further optimization of the code is necessary. They are advising my client to write better texts (I agree), but I'm not agree that this solution is SEO friendly. Perhaps somebody might want to write down some arguments that this is not SEO friendly? Perhaps also a list of things that you recommend the client to fix?

    2. The web developing company further recommends the client to not invest time and money in installing a Google Analytics code (statistics) and a Google friendly XML Sitemap accessible from all pages.

    3. The web developing company also says that the URL's in the solution is already SEO friendly and that further investments in this is unnecessary.

    4. They also comment that the H tags in the solution is also optimized for good Google SERP rankings.

    I do not agree to the above statements and would like someone to discuss the list 1-4 with me.

    My arguments (briefly):

    1. Web Analysis is essential and since the client also use Google Adwords,I would like to define goals and have a detailed overview of the CPO in the Adwords campaigns. I think Web Analytics is very important and since the Google Analytics code for this is simple cut&past I do not understand why this has to be so difficult??

    2. All my client are running Google compliant XML sitemaps and are experiencing a lot faster indexing and better Google SERP results.

    3. I would like the URLs to be like domain.no/dusj/steamdusj/
    and not like: http://www.aktivshop.no/epages/Akti...h=/Shops/Aktiv_Fritid/Categories/20/2000/2010

    4. As you might see in the "view source" there is no good solution to this. The H-tags are used in different "mixes" and Search engines will have difficulties understanding the important parts of the content.

    The website is further not W3Compliant.

    Perhaps somebody would like to discuss this project with me?
    How may I convince the web developer to do my recommended changes, and finally, is there some resources on the internet that could be bought for money (plugins) that may fix the SEF URL and Google XML sitemap issues that I might e-mail to the developer?
    datatrond, Nov 4, 2008 IP
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    stuw, Nov 6, 2008 IP