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Buying Need PRO Web Designer For Multiple Projects!

Discussion in 'Design' started by domainsam, Feb 27, 2012.

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    I am looking for an experienced designer in all aspects. This will be for multiple projects involving designing web site graphics and full site design - I will just need the PSD design. No coding necessary - if you can do simple HTML and CSS thats great though.

    Designer should be a professional. I like the 2.0 web feel - modern design that is simple & elegant.
    Please message me with your portfolio and experiences.
    Please also include your rates per page. Thanks.
    domainsam, Feb 27, 2012 IP
  2. YouJelly

    YouJelly Peon

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    i believe i can help you, contact me for my portfolio.
    i can make anything no limits, i can also copy anything, yes with full layers!
    i draw, design, code.
    knowledgeable in html5,css3,php,mysql,java,ajax,flash,action script 3,flex.
    i work with top of the line equipment, not like most of the "newbies" here, i know im new on these forums, im just doing this for fun, not for money, so just a symbolic price!
    no long term projects please! something quick that i will enjoy! if you have something in mind then great i can make it, like i said no limits of what i can do, and i mean that!
    contact me via skype or msn messenger, pm me.
    i design unique websites! so dont contact me if its something plain or simple u want, thanks.

    something im working on right now, for fun.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2012
    YouJelly, Feb 27, 2012 IP
  3. pushdotplay

    pushdotplay Peon

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    I am interested in speaking with you regarding your proposal and would like to offer my services, I am a digital media designer and one of the Creative Directors at the studio push.play. I am currently looking for some exciting website briefs that will challenge my skills and add further valuable work to my portfolio. My design career began back in 2001 as a junior designer for a respectable Sheffield based media agency. Over the past 10 years I have worked for many established clients that include the BBC, Grey Goose Vodka, Channel 4, Topman and Universal Studios. In early 2011 I relocated back from London and decided the time had come for me to form my own creative studio.

    The prices I charge for my services are customised to each project and take a clients budget into consideration.

    The clients that I work with range from small budget independent individuals to established private companies.

    Here is some direct links to websites I have recently completed work on:


    Here is what my clients can expect when working with me on a website design and development project

    - Detailed research of their company, industry and competitors
    - Sketched ideas of layout and feature concepts
    - Close communication with me throughout the design and development process
    - Product satisfaction guarantee (I do not finish the project till you are happy)
    - Free professional consultation on any matters relating to design or web services.
    - Web development completed to modern web standards
    - Affordable high quality web design
    - Content and image upload to website
    - Initial SEO setup of Meta tags with 100% keyword relevancy
    - Google Analytics setup and implementation
    - Sitemap setup and upload to Google webmaster tools
    - Robots.txt file creation to allow spiderbots to view website correctly
    - Cross browser testing to make sure the website works correctly (IE 7-10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome).
    - Mobile devise testing (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry)
    - Admin/Login area customisation
    - PDF guide on how to add/edit website content

    I look forward to your feedback and if you wish to discuss it further please send me a private message and I will reply promptly

    Kind regards

    Richard Melbourne​
    pushdotplay, Feb 28, 2012 IP
  4. CourageTheCowardlyDog

    CourageTheCowardlyDog Well-Known Member

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    Is this still available?
    CourageTheCowardlyDog, Mar 3, 2012 IP