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Buying Need migration and git setup from C9 to C9 AWS

Discussion in 'Programming' started by XSentry, Jun 10, 2019.

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    I'm a PHP developer working on a Lumen framework project and was using the online C9 ( c9.io ) PHP IDE which takes care of server setup and everything, you just pick PHP, pick Bitbucket, and it automatically setup the server environment with git integration to bitbucket and AWS CodeCommit (on commits, it uploads to both areas).

    C9 was purchased by Amazon, and they have a similar but different platform on AWS (Amazon Web Services), and they are discontinuing all their pre-AWS servers and services at the end of this month.

    They have a migration tool which just bundles your PHP code and puts it onto an EC2 server so that you can use AWS C9 on it, but there is no simple Bitbucket Integration, nor is there a simple "run my code" button where I simply get a link and can view changes on the fly, it requires some special setup to get an external link that is beyond me to do.

    I am not a server admin and setting up AWS C9 to work like C9 did is a bit beyond me, I need someone who understands my needs here to move over my C9 setup as described above to AWS C9 that uses an EC2 instance (with PHP 7.2, default install) and on commit pushes to both gits, BitBucket and AWS CodeCommit. I need a public SSL link where the code will run so its easy and quick for me to see changes.
    There is no database to migrate or setup, the project connects to Amazon's RDS.

    My budget is open to reasonable bids.
    XSentry, Jun 10, 2019 IP