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Buying Need html/php or flash programmer

Discussion in 'Programming' started by tzau, Mar 8, 2013.

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    I'm working on a script which will force visitors to "like" or "g+" or "tweet" our site before seeing content. I know there's a lot of already made script to do that online, but I want it different; I want locker above video, not instead of video/content.

    To get better picture, I've made demo here.

    I had to use iframe to lock video only, not whole page, but the problem is that visitor will "like" site.com/external.php instead of just site.com/

    Please note that it will be used for sub pages so editing "like" code is out of option.

    You may also program flash script to do that. But you need to create it from scratch because already done flash codes are detectable by antivirus programs. Although it's not really a virus.

    Please post your price here or PM me.

    tzau, Mar 8, 2013 IP