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Need help with Woocommerce shipping cost setting

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by moonswamp, Aug 24, 2018.

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    My logic is:

    1: Free shipping for all order over $50
    2: Free shipping for some special product (even it’s under $50)
    3: Shipping cost $10 for other orders under $50

    Here is my shipping setting:

    1: Add shipping zone “USA”
    2: Add shipping class “SPECIAL” for the special product
    3: Add FREE SHIPPING method in USA zone, triggered when order amount over $50…
    4: Add FLAT SHIPPING method in USA zone
    4.1) cost is: 0
    4.2) “SPECIAL” shipping class cost: 0
    4.3) No shipping class cost: $10
    and here is the problem:

    1: when the product is SPECIAL class, it works great, and got FREE SHIPPING!
    2: when other order is under $50, it works great, and got FLAT SHIPPING COST $10!
    3: when order is over $50, it works too, BUT:
    there a 2 options available on the checkout page, 1 is Free Shipping cost 0, 1 is Flat Shipping cost $10

    So my question is:
    How to remove the “Flat Shipping cost $10” when order is over $50, and let it just FREE SHIPPING available????

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    moonswamp, Aug 24, 2018 IP