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Need Help With Strange Gap Appearing After Post Images (Screenshots Included)

Discussion in 'CSS' started by hopeless4, Nov 6, 2017.

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    Hey all,

    I have what is likely a simple problem that I just can't seem to Google and solve. On my site, I've uploaded pics that I own, of myself, and inserted them into a post. Somehow, after messing with the CSS (trying and failing to make the content area wider) two massive spaces were added after the image, making for a lot of white space.
    I've included a link with two pics, the first showing the image that's creating a massive space below it, and a second showing an image in the same post that's not creating the issue: https://imgur.com/a/8pQNz

    Hope this is an easy one for someone to help with. This post is long and I really want to help break up the text. FYI: inserting a different image into the same space creates the same result. And when I put a different theme in, the problem disappears.

    I didn't include a link to my site because I've swapped out the theme for now until I can get some help.

    Many thanks.
    hopeless4, Nov 6, 2017 IP
  2. COBOLdinosaur

    COBOLdinosaur Active Member

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    if switching themes solves the problem, then it should be obvious that the problem is in the code for the theme. If it is something off the shelf, then there maybe a defect in the theme code is causing the issue. See if you can get support from the author or vendor of the theme. If there is no support then throw the theme in the trash.
    COBOLdinosaur, Nov 7, 2017 IP