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Need help with my CPC

Discussion in 'Placement / Reviews / Examples' started by Vera Santos, Oct 26, 2018.

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    Hello everybody,

    I really could use some tips from you guys.

    My CPC dropped from 0,08/0,10 to 0,04 since last year.

    It could not be much but last October I made around 55€/day (average) and this year only can reach 26€/day (average). Last year My best day in October was 140 € and this October I can hardly reach at 50€.

    It’s a educational site from Portugal so it only profit in the school months. (From October to May)

    My SEO it’s optimized I think…

    I have lots of traffic around 20.000 views/day (average) and 650 clicks/day (average).

    I don´t know what else can I do.

    I have made some upgrades in my server in order to turn my page faster, I´m running some A/B tests on adsense, trying Autoads, change some keywords but nothing is working… I can only raise from 0,04 to 0,05.

    Anyone have any idea what else can I do to improve or at least have the same results of last year?

    Vera Santos, Oct 26, 2018 IP