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Need Help With Free Forums

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by tunescool, Oct 8, 2013.

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    ive had a forum, one forum for 7 years. i post everyday on it and am very serious about it and will always have it. it was proboards which i liked alot and didnt want any other forum host. but i have a celeb pic forum and the pics get to explicit for their TOS and i have to move my forum no matter how much i hate it

    i like phpbb but theres no way im going to use it i hate the way you have to put the mods in. ill use mybb but it has to be from a major site that it comes preinstalled and hosts it free with no ads. not a free server ill just get suspended somewhere, a site that has free mybb

    if there is a site that comes with xenforo on it ill look at that too

    i dont want to use vbulletin, invision free, smf

    are there other major forum hosts that will always be online that host the forum and its files for you, that is very customizable on the internet
    that i can have provocative semi nude or nude pics on, id really just have maybe a breast shot here and there. and is not going to kick me off their forum for any reason like that

    im in a situation where i cant pay a couple bucks a month for hosting so my site is secure from things like that. ive always used a forum without a cpanel but if anyone can guarantee me a free hosting plan for life that would be great. a free situation that comes from an actual paid hosting plan from a host that is established, there forever, and not going to ever suspend me for my content, nude pics

    im not even gonna try a worthless free web host server

    if theres any forums that are serious software that are gonna be there forever let me know. if it comes preinstalled i need the urls

    please help me out
    tunescool, Oct 8, 2013 IP
  2. MyBB Hoster

    MyBB Hoster Active Member

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    In my opinion MyBB is the best free forum software. Why I choose this is because its user friendly and easy to customize. As for free hosting. I don't think there is a free host that will let you host that type of material let alone get DMCA complaints because of the pictures you are hosting. Also if the provider is using litespeed cant host you either because of Litespeed TOS. I find that offshore hosting is for you. Like I always say, "Cheap hosting ain't good and good hosting ain't cheap".
    MyBB Hoster, Oct 12, 2013 IP
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  3. vangel

    vangel Active Member

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    Hi tune,
    I have been in a similar situation as yours several years ago. Please PM and I will try my best to help you. I know what it's like and have helped several people out of this situation. Will pass you my skype/ICQ over PM if you are interested. Have done this tons of time.

    I agree with you. Asking for paid hosting for free for lifetime with all the guarantees is expecting wayyy too much.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 23, 2013
    vangel, Oct 15, 2013 IP