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Need help to choose a web-balancer

Discussion in 'Site & Server Administration' started by Vivarius, Mar 27, 2017.

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    Good afternoon everyone!
    Situation in a nutshell:
    got 3 production crossed services, namely Attlassian Jira + Confluence + FishEye + SVN Microsoft. All of them are on the server by https://gthost.com Services addressing looks like this: ddd.domain.com/jira ddd.domain.com/confluence ddd.domain.ru/svn etc.
    Of course, all services are crossed with each other by different bundles, but this post is quite not about that.
    The key issue is what should be put in front of these services (some kind of balancer) that will figure out which request to send and where to send it, taking into account that I plan to distribute these services on different machines. And the main thing is to preserve all user addressing.
    Thank you.
    Vivarius, Mar 27, 2017 IP
  2. SolaDrive

    SolaDrive Active Member

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    pfsense should be able to handle that fine. We have setup similar LB's where we directed specific traffic to specific servers, usually for peak releases such as a new game though and to use the best server for a specific type of traffic.
    SolaDrive, Apr 22, 2017 IP