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need help marketing

Discussion in 'Commission Junction' started by masterrio, Aug 21, 2010.

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    we run quite a few celebrity based blogs with my partners and we have never looked at affliate systems earlier
    now, we are planning to run affliate networks on our blogs.
    We usually get more than 1.5k hits at an average on each site of ours, with more than 900 UV a day

    would like to know what kind of products can be targetted via affliate systems like CJ on our celeb based blogs ?
    and do these affliate systems in general are against adult content (celeb only) as one of our blog has adult content, the remaining of them don't have any adult content

    as a beginner into affliate network your help would be greatly appreciated :)
    masterrio, Aug 21, 2010 IP
  2. Internet Marketing IQ

    Internet Marketing IQ Guest

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    That's not a lot of traffic for a Celeb site.
    Most people visiting are looking for gossip and pictures, and free so their intent is not commercial.

    So your task to monetize traffic from unmotivated people who are not looking to buy is pretty high.

    You need to directly offer something that relates to the keywords they use to find your site. Possibilities are concert tickets, brand specific merchandise, etc. But don't expect to make much off of that kind of traffic.

    I have a very old and well established site in this niche and it's a lot of work to make money without tons ... and I mean really high traffic. Plus there is already so much competition and where do you get your content? Likely borrowed from other sites.
    Internet Marketing IQ, Aug 21, 2010 IP
  3. masterrio

    masterrio Well-Known Member

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    thanks for the suggestion mate and around 60% of content is borrowed yes, will b looking down at other niches too of my interest - thanks again mate
    masterrio, Aug 23, 2010 IP