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Need Help: Is what is on my website allowed?

Discussion in 'Guidelines / Compliance' started by Kestal, Nov 29, 2007.

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    I have tried to explain this to a few people, but now I am just not sure. What I did do is create a rather quick layout of what my website is (just without all the fancy stuff on it).

    I have a website, and I use frames (eww, I know). However, what some people told me is that with frames, I should be careful because with the way I used them, it may not be allowed according to google.

    Someone here on DP also mentioned to stay away from iframes, though thats how I organized my site. Now I am not sure whether or not its a 'viable' way to continue.

    I have a website with 3-4 closely related niches. It is split up into 2 frames. The main one which is the layout and navigational menu. Then the second is table of contents/articles (it will be explained better once you click on the link).

    Like mentioned, I provided a link below. It has no ads on it. No Pictures. Nothing to do with anything really. Its just there as a visible representation to what I have done.

    Now, I have but a single question. Is it allowed? I was told that with iframes, I shouldn't use them because google might think that I am cloaking keywords or meta tags (which I am not, to my knowledge?)

    I thought that with each page on a site, meta tags/keywords were supposed to be different. Is it not the same thing with sites that have frames? or is that more so considered ad targeting? (even though that is not the case)
    Sorry for the long read. You be the Judge! Click Below!

    Thank you for your Help with the matter and viewing my horribly colored website explanation! :)
    Kestal, Nov 29, 2007 IP
  2. FairyOfLove

    FairyOfLove Banned

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    Yes, its allowed
    FairyOfLove, Nov 30, 2007 IP
  3. Kestal

    Kestal Peon

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    Thank you for the reply FairyOfLove. You seem to always come to my rescue lately :) After my last post I was worried. Google e-mailed me and said it wasn't allowed but I didnt explain it right to them, either. :| (They thought I was keyword cloaking and told me to check with others again)

    Sorry for anyone who had to view the website ;) lol.
    Kestal, Nov 30, 2007 IP