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NEED HELP: I am Confused Between Shopify & WooCommerce - Reporting Structure

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by Aleedev, Mar 25, 2021.

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    Greetings Everyone!
    I am all set to launch my ecommerce store for Men's apparel and I have quite a big range of products.

    I have done little bit of my research but I am still not sure which CMS would be best in terms of:

    - User Friendliness
    - Management
    - Email Automation (Like in Shopify, the email management system is quite easy to set up, but is it the sale case with WooCommerce?)

    - And Most importantly: Reporting. (Suppose if at the end of the month, I want to fetch a report that how many of my X number of articles were sold, "in comparison to Z article". (Probability and statistical analysis of in-store trends - Similar to Google Data Studio) Or is it something I have to ask any Shopify or WooCommerce developer to custom-code?

    So, kindly guide me which CMS platform should I choose?

    I will really appreciate if you can give me in-depth answers based on your own experiences.
    Aleedev, Mar 25, 2021 IP
  2. Edna Welburg

    Edna Welburg Peon

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    I agree with Juherianto, although I virtually have no experience with WooCommerce.

    Shopify has great customer service and they also have chat support to get you started with your site.
    Edna Welburg, Apr 7, 2021 IP
  3. Steven Morell

    Steven Morell Peon

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    Aleedev - from a business perspective:

    Don't loose time on this type of decision making.

    It's an imaginary problem. Just pick one and keep moving. Your decision has no impact on the success or failure of your endeavor. You know that both platforms are solid for beginners and offer a path to a successful first iteration of an online shop. As you grow you will choose other tools later anyway.

    It's also a reversible decision - It takes only a few days to move from one platform to the other. So don't sweat it.

    Focus on what matters: Good Product Content, Where to get Traffic etc.

    Personally I'd run with Shopify because it's eCommerce only and you don't have to carry the weight of Wordpress with you - But that's just me. :)
    Steven Morell, May 8, 2021 IP
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