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Need Help Getting my Internal Laptop Speakers Working...

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by SunHunter, Oct 11, 2008.

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    Okay, so the power got unplugged and I pried the spot above the keyboard open.

    This is my laptop:


    So now, on the inside, underneath where the power button is, the LED light is unplugged and I can't seem to get that back. As well, my power button isn't working and I have to pull around in there *hit and miss* and it all of a sudden works.

    ..but the problem I need to fix now is the internal speakers.

    Under the power button, there is a green square with 3 input slots, two of them which fit the size of the internal speakers connector, and the other conncetor is coming from in my monitor, so I am not sure what it is for (maybe the microphone,) as well there is a paper thin one which comes up from under my keyboard, unsure what it is for.

    I tried plugging the speakers into both slots and neither off them worked. I tried resetting the computer and stuff for each, but nothing.

    Any solutions here? The headphone output still works but I recently broke my headphones :(
    SunHunter, Oct 11, 2008 IP