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Need Help. Changed my Site a few times, still not approved

Discussion in 'Placement / Reviews / Examples' started by thesti2, Jan 6, 2017.

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    I have a top level domain blog that I want to put adsense on. I've submitted my site 3 times, done some changes and still I get the same rejection reason for all the 3 times like nothing changed. Here are the rejection reasons (the reasons are not the exact words from Google, I translated those from my language to english, I write what I've done to fix the problem):
    • Make sure your page has sufficient texts - a site which mostly has pictures, videos and flash animation will not be approved. (I think I have sufficient text in all of my articles, I have make sure all of my articles are at least 500 words and I wrote them myself)
    • Your content should be filled with a full sentence and paragraphs, not only the title. (My pages is filled with articles, not only titles)
    • Make sure your website is fully built and published before submitting it to Adsense - do not submit your website if it is still in progress or in beta version or only contains the structure of the website. (I believe my site is published to public, filled with some articles and some standard page such as contact us and privacy policy)
    • Put the ads code on the active page of your website. It does not have to be the main page, but if it is put in a blank page, the Adsense will not be approved. (the Adsense code is put at the first and last paragraph of the articles, which is not a blank page)
    • Give a good navigation system for your visitor to easily find all of the sections of your website. (I have changed my wp theme a few times with I believe has a good navigation system)
    • If you want to monetize your Youtube video, please submit to Youtube monetization program. Please take a note that blog and website that is only filled with videos will not be approved. (I have removed some articles and videos that have a youtube videos, now there's no youtube video in my blog)

    Here are some facts about my site and my submission to Adsense:
    • My blog is approximately 1 month old. With mostly gaming niche. (http://kacuak.com)
    • I used WP with Point theme, previously I've tried twenty sixteen, web lite
    • Before this site submission, I 've tried to submit my property listing site and always get rejected. Since I believe a listing site is not eligible for adsense, that's why I started to write my own blog. (https://www.psrumah.com)
    • Every time I get rejected I always directly do some changes (changing theme, editing my articles, remove pictures so 1 article contains only 1,2 or 3 pictures).
    • I write all of the articles myself.

    What makes me wonder is that, I think some of the rejection reason does not correct and whatever changes I did to my site, the rejection reasons will not change.

    Thank you.
    thesti2, Jan 6, 2017 IP
  2. pmf123

    pmf123 Well-Known Member

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    What language is that? Some countries have 6 month waiting period until allowed into Adsense...
    pmf123, Jan 7, 2017 IP
  3. thesti2

    thesti2 Greenhorn

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    That is Bahasa, the native language of Bali
    thesti2, Jan 7, 2017 IP
  4. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    kacuak.com: If your gaming blog was in English I'd be complaining that it's a me-too site but you've targetted your local community by writing in Bahasa and I think that's a great strategy - it would be nice if Adsense rewarded that.

    It wouldn't surprise me if the real estate site didn't get approved. You should be earning from the listings or be able to sell advertising to local businesses.
    sarahk, Jan 7, 2017 IP
  5. Arick unirow

    Arick unirow Acclaimed Member Premium Member

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    As far as I know, Bahasa is official language of Indonesia (NKRI) while Balinese is native language of Bali (a province in Indonesia).

    The same rejection you have received maybe caused by these things:
    1. You have very low content (not just low but very low)
      I have checked your site and it seems there is not enough content for the topic being discussed. From 1 - 100, I would give you the score of 2. I am so sorry, I didn't want to lie to you but that is your score at the moment. Don't be so sad (or angry at me) because I believe the score could be increased quickly (with proper method).
    2. Your site is not ready for monetization
      The reason is: your site has no value to both advertiser and audiences (visitors - gamer/player). It laso has no clear sign of the progress you would like to achieve in the future.
      To overcome this problem, you have to create contents which are useful for both advertiser and visitors. Creating appealing content for visitors is not that difficult but creating awesome content which loved by advertiser is quite challenging.
    3. Your site has no clear description
      I have searched all part of your site but couldn't find out the description of Kacuak. The first thing you need to do while building a site is describing your domain, your logo, and important part of your site (mission, policy, DMCA, etc). It would be great if you clearly describe your site in a special page (easily found in any part of your site).
    4. Your site doesn't look great.
      I have very strict rules to describe 'great website'. In my opinion, the first sign of great site is having unique and great content in special topic/niche (design and appearance is not the highest priority). Your site didn't have to be good looking or using very expensive theme/template. What you need is designing your site to be professional (easy to use) and filled it with great content (based on your expertise). And don't forget to implement all recommendation in this post.
    5. You didn't clearly introduce yourself in your site
      I couldn't find out any information about the person who created the contents/articles. What I found is the 'Admin' user which has no description at all. Even the author box in each article didn't describe the author/'Admin' user.
      The first mistake while creating website is using 'Admin' username and not the real name (or nickname). using 'Admin' username is very bad for security and credibility.
      To overcome the problems:
      - You should add more info in Author box (available in single article) and add very detailed information about yourself in Author page(/author/admin/). If your theme doesn't have such feature, it is time for you to add more code to your template. A good webmaster/author is an individual who could create basic code to enhance the template/theme.
      - Create special page which describe your self in special introduction. Writing it in About Us page is recommended (describing your self and your site in single place is good idea to get nice impression about your site).
      - Change the Name/Username with your prefered name (I recommend real name).
    6. Your site is too confusing for most audiences (Visitors)
      Your site is using Bahasa Indonesia but majority of your template structure is using English. Basically, you have to change the codes to Bahasa Indonesia. It is not that hard to find the code for "Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked" which is available in your post page and translate it into "Email anda takkan dipublikasikan. Yang bertanda bintang wajib di isi". Change all English instruction into Bahasa Indonesia. It would be great if you could also change your Language Attribute into Bahasa Indonesia (your current lang attribute is lang="en-US"). You could change it in 'header' of your template.
    7. Use proper tag for your article.
      You were using more than 1 H1 tag in your site (one or more article - have no time to check all content) and between tags (H1 - H2 -H3, etc) has no strong relation.
    8. Your site is basically 'has very low value' in both SEO and Advertising.
      Your site need much optimization. I have checked few pages and you didn't use NoIndex for duplicate contents, and has no previous/next articles (post navigation & relation). Some images are missing 'title' and not properly optimized. You didn't use Minification technique to serve the site and using lots of unnecessary codes. All pages in your site is not well optimized to compete in most search engine.
    9. Your site has terrible Speed optimization.
      Just take a look at Google PageSpeed Insight and you would see the score is half than acceptable score.
    10. Improve the speed
      You could use CDN to serve your site. Serving CDN for static resources maybe enough but if you could serve the whole page via CDN, response times and speed to deliver the content would be very fast. If it is possible, try using PHP 7/7.1 as PHP 5.6 is almost outdated (PHP5.6 is okay but PHP 7+ work better for WP).
    11. Use own images
      I see you were using some images which maybe not created by yourself. I always believe using own image is much better than using images created by others. You should explain any resources (including images, videos, etc) in your term page (or any special page - to avoid DMCA and for legal purposes)
    Getting Adsense by using Bahasa Indonesia is quite hard but if you implement few suggestions above, you may get better result. I did sign up for Adsense using Bahasa Indonesia and got accepted quite easily by doing these things:
    1. Create website in my expertise.
      I have lots of skills in different niches (gaming, webmaster, server/hosting, etc) but I prefer education (because I really like it).
    2. Choose minimal theme which has great navigation and nice loading times. I modify some aspect to make it easy to use for both visitors and search engine.
    3. Add important pages (About Us, TOS, Contact, Privacy Policy, etc - depend on the niche)
    4. Focus on one topic.
      I always focus on one topic and would never write another topic until most (or all) aspects of that topic fully explained.
    5. Write article with special technique.
      Write good article, use heading tags and have it linked each other (the content should be related - when I said linked, it doesn't mean live link). Add own images and videos to make it more attractive.
    To sum up, Your site is not focus on one topic. You were writing about game and at the other time writing about another topic. The worse thing is: the topic about the game is not yet covered and that is why you always get 'not enough content'. Not enough content doesn't mean you have low original content but most of the times it means: the site didn't fully cover the topic very well.

    As an example:
    If you write about shoes, you should explain about the shoes and fully explain it before sign up for adsense. The amount of posts to sign up for adsense depend on how good you are in explaining about the topic. It could take 2 articles or even it may takes more than hundreds of posts to fully explain the topic.

    If it is me, and I write about shoes, I would not write about shock even though shock and shoes are quite related. I would spend my times learn about shoes and write great content about it (ie, kind of shoes, its usage, etc). I would write about shock only after all (or most) aspect about shoes has been fully covered.And I would never write about tomato if my site is discussing shoes. So, if you were choosing gaming niche, focus on it and avoid discussing the others.

    One more thing, I see you have created well informative post but should consider using formal language if you wish to use sign up for Adsense. I recommend you to use bahasa Indonesia according to EYD (formal language). Informal and modern language may reduce the chance to get accepted.

    Last, welcome to the forum. It is nice to see fellow countrymen in this board.

    Disclaimer: I am not an expert in Adsense so my opinion could be wrong. Assessing the site usually takes more than 3 days (3 days is the fastest - 8 days average) and my assessment above could be wrong because I only check the site for few hours.

    I like it. There are lots of information in the internet but most of them are written in English. I wish those information are available in Bahasa Indonesia (or in another languages as well). :)
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2017
    Arick unirow, Jan 7, 2017 IP
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  6. Agent000

    Agent000 Notable Member

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    Agent000, Jan 7, 2017 IP
  7. thesti2

    thesti2 Greenhorn

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    Hi All,

    Thanks for all of the replies. More or less, They give ideas of what to do to make a better website.

    Well, I'm surprised that you know Bahasa Indonesia. Anyway, thank you for the long and informative explanation. It will take me some time to apply all of the suggestion.
    thesti2, Jan 10, 2017 IP
  8. Furquan Ahmed

    Furquan Ahmed Well-Known Member

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    Furquan Ahmed, Jan 10, 2017 IP