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Need CSS Suggestion - Not able to click in mobile device

Discussion in 'CSS' started by RSSeosolution, Oct 16, 2018.

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    I am managing a website ..... Complete website is working fine with all devices because its responsive but Product tab is not clickable for smartphones, tabs. Images are attached with this thread and section URL is https://www.amiteksmarthomes.com/category/Home-Automation (Product section).

    I am requesting to CSS expert that please suggest me that what should i do to make it clickable.

    Hope for quick response.


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    RSSeosolution, Oct 16, 2018 IP
  2. deathshadow

    deathshadow Acclaimed Member

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    Methinks we have a different definition of "working", but in general that's the typical bloated broken train wreck of how NOT to build a website so common to when you step in bootcrap and then track it across the Internet's carpets. Made all the worse by the nube predator BS that is jQuery.

    It most certainly is NOT mobile friendly with the broken non-touch capable sidebar, over-reliance on JavaScript to do stuff HTML and CSS can do without JavaScript. The layout is broken for "large-font/120dpi/125%/8514/pick a name for it already" users like myself, it most certainly doesn't work what I would consider "right" in any of my mobile devices, and it's AGONIZINGLY SLOW to load.

    There's a reason I say the only thing you can learn from bootcrap is how NOT to write HTML, just like the ONLY thing you can learn from jQuery is how not to write JavaScript -- much less know when to keep it in one's pants when JS is inappropriate to the task at hand.

    With it wasting 54k of markup to deliver 1.2k of plaintext and a half dozen content media, that's easily five times or MORE the HTML that should be present for such a simple layout. The problems only further exacerbated by the ridiculous 340k of CSS spanning 5 files -- On a site that doesn't warrant the presence of more than 48k of CSS in one file -- and 2.8 megabytes of JavaScript on a site that I'm not sure is doing anything that should even have JS involved?

    You brought that to me as a paying cleint, I'd say "You have a fairly sound layout concept except for the illegible white on light-blue, but apart from that throw it in the trash and start over."

    You've basically got 2.8 megabytes of code in 24 separate files doing the job of 48k to 96k in three or four files... mix in the LIE that is bootstrap, the LIE that is jQuery, and of course it doesn't work right.

    No offense, but you've been suckered by the SLEAZY "shortcuts" -- that aren't even in reality actually shortcuts. Sure, the lemmings all blindly parrot how "Easy' those systems make things, doesn't mean there's a shred of truth in it.

    Junk it, start over... with semantic markup, separation of presentation from content, and keeping it in your pants instead of whipping out the JavaScript and waving it in everyone's face.
    deathshadow, Oct 24, 2018 IP