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Need ASP/Javascript to write URL

Discussion in 'C#' started by gilgalbiblewheel, Jan 20, 2006.

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    Ok Let me redirect my goal.
    I have set an alert. It says:
    Code (markup):
    But when the iFrame opens it writes only this in the URL.

    Code (markup):
    The second URL shows what the select name "id" is picking up "15418" from the option value. But it fails to pick up the "keyword" <%=Keyword%>. The page of dropdown is ASP-generated, in other words the ASP builds the dropdown from the result of the database table. Here is the section of the source:
    	<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
    	function go1(identity,keyword)
    document.forms['bookSelect'].action = 'showversea.asp?id=' + identity + '&keyword='  + keyword 
    Code (markup):
    <form name="bookSelect" action="showversea.asp" method="get" target="ifrVerse">
    <select name="id" size="10" style="width:200;" onchange="go1(document.forms['bookSelect'].id[document.forms['bookSelect'].id.selectedIndex].value,'brutish');">
    				<option  value="14659">Psalms&nbsp;49:10</option>
    				[COLOR=Red]<option  value="[B]15418[/B]">Psalms&nbsp;92:6</option>[/COLOR]
    				<option  value="15440">Psalms&nbsp;94:8</option>
    				<option  value="16721">Proverbs&nbsp;12:1</option>
    				<option  value="17254">Proverbs&nbsp;30:2</option>
    				<option  value="18016">Isaiah&nbsp;19:11</option>
    				<option  value="19210">Jeremiah&nbsp;10:8</option>
    				<option  value="19216">Jeremiah&nbsp;10:14</option>
    				<option  value="19223">Jeremiah&nbsp;10:21</option>
    				<option  value="20230">Jeremiah&nbsp;51:17</option>
    				<option  value="20976">Ezekiel&nbsp;21:31</option>
    Code (markup):

    gilgalbiblewheel, Jan 20, 2006 IP
  2. fluid

    fluid Active Member

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    I've tested it with IE 6.0 and Firefox 1.5 and the URL appears to be fine (the keyword 'brutish' shows at the end)

    Unless i've missed something and you want further help, you'll have to paste your whole code (ASP and JavaScript)
    fluid, Mar 24, 2006 IP