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need advise on sitemaps for social network sites

Discussion in 'Google Sitemaps' started by link_dev, Sep 8, 2008.

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    My social network site is growing at the rate of 5-10 new signups per day and the content on my site is also growing everyday.
    How can i manage my sitemap to include new urls that gets added?
    How to better manage a sitemap for a social network site?
    Any scripts and or suggestions will be highly appreciated.
    link_dev, Sep 8, 2008 IP
  2. link_dev

    link_dev Peon

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    I have one more question:
    I do have a category page with 25 pages (each page displaying around 20 news items). When i create a sitemap, do i have to add 25 urls for this category(for 25 pages)?

    Or just one link for category is enough?
    link dev

    link_dev, Sep 8, 2008 IP