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Need Advice Re. Credit Card Use

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by Rayzen, Oct 10, 2017.

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    I am in the process of setting up an online drop shipping website. I have almost finished designing the website, using WordPress and have lined up a few drop shippers to supply me with some products, although this is a work in progress, as it will probably be from here on out.

    However, starting a drop shipping business presents a conundrum: In order to get many drop shippers to supply you with their products, you need to have established merchant credit; however, because you are just starting, you don't have such credit. You need credit to start the business, but you can't start the business until you have the credit. What to do? It's a 'Catch-22,' if there ever were one. Thus, my first question: How does one handle this seemingly impossible problem?

    Alternatively, some drop shippers will drop ship their products for you, if you purchase them with a credit card that you have place on file with them, when you fill out your drop shipping agreement with their business. However, giving out one's business credit card numbers, including the expiry date, and all the rest, is a little scary in this day and age of identity theft and hacking. Does anyone have any experience with this situation? I would rather hear from those who have actual experience, rather than a lot of speculation from those who have never dealt with the problem. So, my next question: Based upon your actual experience, what are your thoughts about using a credit in such a way, in order to start a drop shipping business?

    Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Rayzen, Oct 10, 2017 IP