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Need advice on wordpress ...

Discussion in 'WordPress' started by SonnyCooL, Jan 13, 2010.

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    I plan to create a car portal that involve plenty of car information,
    for example :
    1. Car spec. (Prices, Engine Spec, Color Choice, Launching date)
    2. Used car (old car spec, prices at the year sale, depreciation value)
    3. Car wallpaper
    4. Wheel spec.
    5. Store.
    6. Classifieds

    should i used wordpress (familiar) with different installation ? or other CMS joomla/drupal (not familiar at all) .....

    any guide ? any flow chart expert here ?
    SonnyCooL, Jan 13, 2010 IP
  2. adsensenewb

    adsensenewb Peon

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    Wordpress is definitely more powerful, especially seeing as you dont need hyper-customized user management.

    If you understand enough PHP to follow the instructions given in the Wordpress Codex for using their functions, then read up on: Conditional tags in WP, using custom fields (and tags), the template hierarchy in WP, and custom loops (I usually use the query_posts function), and you should have all the flexibility you need for your site.

    With the latest WP version, custom fields (and tags are good too), allows you to set things up so that you can direct how & where any of your posts will appear.

    For example, you could create a page and called it "Featured Chevy Products", or whatever, and set up a custom loop that only shows posts that have a custom field value (you enter this when you write the post), called "Featuredchevy", or whatever you wanted to call it.
    adsensenewb, Jan 16, 2010 IP
  3. ms.g

    ms.g Peon

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    You may use wordpress for this kind of project. You only have to plan well your categories and tweak your template to display custom taxonomies. Your categories will work well for values like car manufacturers and custom taxonomies for posts with multiple values (engine specs, features).


    Name: Mercedez ABC (Category: Mercedez Benz)
    Price, Engine Specs, (Custom Taxonomy)
    ms.g, Jan 17, 2010 IP