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Need advice on creating an ecommerce website to sell branded makeup

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by okchampions, Dec 11, 2021.

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    I found a local wholesale shop that has multiple cosmetic high end brands (makeup). They are willing to sell their products to me at wholesale price even if that means just 1 piece since my friend manages the store.
    I wanted to create a professional authentic website to resell these luxury makeup brands but the issue I am having is inventory. I dont know when an item goes out of stock and it could take them 1 week to a month to restock and sometimes they might not even re stock that item. I can keep in touch with my friend who manages the store to check for availability but i wanted a smooth process for the end consumer to just click and buy from my website.
    He did tell me that 4 of their brands he manages to almost certainly get them re stocked within a week but thats still risky and do keep in mind a single brand has over 100s of products and buying in bulk at this time for me is not feasible nor can I afford it. Also selling just 1 brand to begin with wouldnt make too much sense to me as the whole goal of the website is to sell multiple high end brands.
    What would be the best solution for me in this situation? I was considering just starting off with instagram shop but that seems shady here and it would seem as though i am selling fakes. I am based in Dubai and usually these tiny insta shops here are known for selling fakes.
    Any advice would be highly appreciated, thanks!
    okchampions, Dec 11, 2021 IP
  2. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    Don't try to sell the entire range - focus on this year's colours and bestsellers.

    You're going to need some fine print explaining that some items may have deferred shipping and that info won't be available until despatch. That gets you out of trouble if there isn't stock. You can then decide to refund or just make the customer wait.

    There are loads of ways to set up your shop - wix, shopify, woocommerce and plenty more. Your "supply chain" is a huge risk - if you fall out with your friend your supply is gone. Make sure he doesn't "expect something in return" because if he doesn't get it then you're out of business. For that reason I also recommend building your site as cheaply as possible. After 6 months if all is well then you can put some more money into it and consider something different.
    sarahk, Dec 12, 2021 IP