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Need advice for Facebook ads + affiliate eCommerce experiment

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by bogartkick, Dec 9, 2019.

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    Hello guys!

    I just started my eCommerce affiliate site and was approved by a couple of eCommerce affiliate programs.

    As of now, here’s what I have tested (enabled ads on Instagram too):

    Type of campaign: Website/link clicks
    Product: Acupuncture-related
    Target ages: 30 to 50 years old (men and women)
    Country: Philippines
    Interests: Health and wellness, stress, anxiety, acupuncture
    Budget: 250 pesos for 5 days (50 php per day) since I have a limited budget for testing

    After pausing my ad for 12 hours, here are my results:

    People reached: 404
    Post engagements: 57
    Amount spent: 18.68 php

    However, when I checked my affiliate dashboard, there are no clicks. I am using Pretty Links to cloak my affiliate links as I use my website as landing page rather than posting a direct affiliate link (because I think FB ads will reject if link is pointing directly to affiliate site than a landing page, but correct me if I’m wrong).

    Here’s my question. Since the affiliate program has provided me with videos, do you think I am allowed to upload them in my post (with their watermark on it) and boost it with FB ads? Do you think they will approve the video ad when I want to boost even if it’s not originally mine?

    I just need your advice guys because I really want to maximize my eCommerce + FB ads experiment, which I see that a lot have benefited and earned from it. I would really appreciate your time guys.

    bogartkick, Dec 9, 2019 IP