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Buying Need add on for em client or stand alone to send mass emails

Discussion in 'Programming' started by johndavis74, Mar 19, 2017.

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    I am looking for a good programmer who could help us automate a process that is labor intensive. We post ads on a few websites that generate a few hundred emails per day per ad. The replies come to my gmail and I currently use emclient as a mail client and I reply back to them.

    The way emclient works you can only open up 20 emails at a time to reply so I have a signature set so all I have to do is select 20 emails and hit reply and I click my mouse really fast to send those 20. I cant use a auto responder because then it will respond to all of the emails included those who have replied back to us and I cant have it just sending the same email over and over. So I go through the emails before sending them and I delete the replies and then I can quickly send out the replies.

    What I am wanting is some solution where once I go through the emails in the account and I get rid of the ones I dont want to reply to I want to be able to hit one button and the software will just send a reply to all of those emails left in the inbox. I dont want to send them all at one time and over load the server and sometimes we might have 300 to 400 emails and you cant send that many at once via gmail or it will start rejecting them so I need to be able to tell the software something like "send the first 140 emails in the inbox" and it stop after it has sent 140.

    If someone thinks they can do something like this shoot me a price. Please only contact me if you know you can do this.
    johndavis74, Mar 19, 2017 IP
  2. roshansethia

    roshansethia Active Member

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    Hey there,
    So what we can do is we will make you a script which will get all the email address from the email and then you can put a limit to the to the number of email it can send. So it will send to that many number only..So lets discuss the requirement and we can get it done.
    roshansethia, Mar 20, 2017 IP