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Need a self hosted landing page builder

Discussion in 'Content Management' started by littlebot, Mar 28, 2020.

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    My community based project needs a little more than a forum, at least a homepage.
    However I don't fancy using a CMS as troublesome as WordPress has become.

    I'm looking for a free or affordable self hosted landing page builder. So far I've found none, I've only found numerous solutions hosted by the editor with or without a custom domain name.

    Is there anything out there ?
    littlebot, Mar 28, 2020 IP
  2. Terem123

    Terem123 Greenhorn

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    I mean lot of them are, each landing page builder or some website web 2.0 creator do have this ability or at least a lot of them really are, so I am really do not see problem. Create website with some subdomain and that's it.
    Terem123, Apr 4, 2020 IP
  3. littlebot

    littlebot Greenhorn

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    I'm talking about a CMS with no code feature, like DIVI for WP but standalone.
    littlebot, Apr 4, 2020 IP
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  4. JEET

    JEET Notable Member

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    I am not sure if this fits your requirements, but try this:

    Its a blog CMS, but with an inbuilt Landing page design section.
    Landing pages can serve as static homepage, or as other subpages of the site, like "About us", "Services" etc.
    Or you can keep the landing pages hidden from the main site completely, in which case only people following your marketing campaign link can see those landing pages.
    Tracking is inbuilt, reports browser, device, referals, and GEO too.
    Avoid using geo tracking unless PHP's inbuilt geo functions are available.

    Each landing page can have its own theme. This way you have full 100% control of how your landing pages look, starting from<!DOCTYPE> to </HTML>
    JEET, Apr 4, 2020 IP