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Buying Need a good designer for game graphics

Discussion in 'Design' started by xTutorials, Apr 20, 2012.

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    I need a good designer for graphics for a game. basically, what that person will need to make is the UI (buttons, background) and two spritesheets. I can offer more details to interested people, but I can say that the interface won't have too many elements (a few buttons, mostly having the same design, two types of ingame "windows" and a background) and that the spritesheets aren't people or monsters, but something "abstract" like a "cluster of energy". For a good designer this shouldn't be too much work.

    One thing that I want is that you hold your part of the deal once we "shake hands". I had some bad experience with another designer in the past (on the same job).
    xTutorials, Apr 20, 2012 IP
  2. scottymorg

    scottymorg Peon

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    i am interested
    I like it

    what should I do if I wanna work with u?
    scottymorg, Apr 20, 2012 IP