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Natural Way To Make Money With Internet Marketing

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Shipra Mukhopadhyaya, Dec 26, 2013.

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    Sometimes it seems that making money on the internet is very hard because of tough competition and the complexity of internet marketing technology. It is not that.

    To be true, it is much more simple and easy.

    What is actually needed to make money with Internet Marketing.

    [1] One Offer! (Forget the word “killer.” Because if there is a product, there is a market)
    [2] Buyers
    [3] Website or webpage to display your offer

    ... All these three are vital, we concentrate on all these three and to get quick (read it “overnight”) result we put our steps into the trap of what guru marketers teach us. We lose our focus and start using tricks and traps to fasten the sales.


    Though people come on the internet first for information i.e., Contents.

    We under-deliver content and over-deliver sales pitches to promote and sell our offers, like the Street-hawkers do. So people who could be our valued buyers over-look us. Because people love to buy but don’t like to be sold.

    It is my personal experience, I’ve tested it hundred times, that after creating my offer, website or webpage I automatically get lots of buyers when I focus on delivering more and more contents. It works for everyone. If you don’t try to push your offer as a professional seller and refer your offer as a related reference, you get more results.

    The trick is:
    [1] Have one offer
    [2] Have your website or webpage
    [3] Now find a high traffic platform like Facebook, YouTube etc. Where people search for content. YOU MUST TAKE YOUR FOCUS AWAY FROM MAKING UNWILLING ONE TO MAKE WILLING ONE.
    [4] Start posting quality contents on the high-traffic platform you select to work on. And refer to your offer as a related reference for your content.
    [5] Start networking with other like minded people in your niche. Don’t try to push your sales page, just share your contents with them.
    [6] STOP LINK SPAMMING in the name of SEO.

    ... follow this, and test what you get in return.

    I guarantee you that not only you’ll earn money but also you’ll start respecting you for the way you earn.
    Shipra Mukhopadhyaya, Dec 26, 2013 IP
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