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Buying Native English American Writer

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by inomcoke, Jul 10, 2013.

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    I am a writer myself but I've gotten to the point where I simply can't keep up with the number of orders I'm getting. I have turned away a few of my lower paying jobs because I couldn't keep up any longer, but I got to thinking I'd rather hire on a writer to help me out than turn away this work.

    I'm pretty great at marketing and finding clients, which I know is something many writers struggle with.

    So, I'm looking for a good writer who is from the US (no exceptions please), can deliver content quickly (24-48 hours so I have time to review and edit the work before delivering) and follows instructions. It also must be 100% unique (i'll run it through copyscape). Also I value honesty. If you can't complete a particular project on time and with high quality, just let me know.

    Articles should be fairly 'conversational' in tone, and always must include titles, sub-headings and typically should have a bullet point list of some sort. Proper spelling and grammar is important though I will be proof-reading so very minor issues aren't the end of the world as long as it reads well.

    The vast majority of the work will be general articles used for blog posts and won't require too much research as long as you have common sense.

    To apply simply shoot me a PM with an example of your work (a link ideally), and your price per word (most articles will be 400-600 words). Also include your skype ID and/or email address.
    Please don't apply if you don't currently live in the United States or Canada, AND speak native English.

    inomcoke, Jul 10, 2013 IP
  2. coreygeer

    coreygeer Notable Member

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    Hey man, I know I've done work for you before. You're one of the easier going clients I've had to write for, I sent you a PM.

    I'm available a good majority of the day. There's been a lack of work on my side recently, so I can pretty much handle whatever is thrown at me. Either way, PM sent.

    My Skype: Coreygeer319
    coreygeer, Jul 10, 2013 IP
  3. Cryspatus

    Cryspatus Active Member

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    Hi, I am interested in your offer. I'm a native speaker and I have been writing web content for over 5 years. I'm sending you a PM.
    Cryspatus, Jul 11, 2013 IP