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MySQL Pivot

Discussion in 'Databases' started by neilfurry, Jan 24, 2018.

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    Hi Mate,

    I need some help here, i want to create a Pivot table to display the output i want.

    here is my database table:


    I want it to display

    clientid | lastname | firstname | Job 1 | Amount | Job 2 | Amount
    283641 Rey Ann 04-18-2017 268.00 07-11-2016 708.00

    Where Job Columns are dynamic which holds the date of the job and the amount is also dynamic that holds the amount of job.

    Can you help me create a PIVOT out of the table i presented and the output i need.
    Thank you


    Job # is dynamic as it holds the date of the job a client has, so if client x has 4 jobs, it will display 4 Jobs and Amount columns. and if the client has only 2 Jobs, it will display 2 Jobs and Amount and two Jobs will be 0
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