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Mysql file on Server , How to execute it ?

Discussion in 'MySQL' started by schandak2001, May 6, 2017.

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    I am on Shared server , using cpanel with web hostingpad

    I have a 97 MB sql file on my server.

    I want to execute that .

    How to do it ?
    Solved! View solution.
    schandak2001, May 6, 2017 IP
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    You can't execute an sql file you will need pull it into a MySQL database either through Import section of phpMyAdmin. You could run into problem if your host does now allow uploads as big as 97mb, it is recommended to use SSH:

    Manually upload file to your web space. Login via SSH and run the following command:

    mysql -u username -p database_name <file.sql
    Code (SQL):
    You can contact your host for help with this - if they're decent they should do it for you.
    GameO.Over, May 6, 2017 IP