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MyBB Spam

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by JMDomains, Nov 20, 2011.

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    I have recently created a new forum using the MyBB platform. I have installed a plugin called 'Social Sites' that allows members to add a link to their facebook, twitter linked.in etc.

    I am getting quite a high number of users register, add their linked.in profile, then never return to the site.

    Are the doing this for backlinks or am I missing something?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    JMDomains, Nov 20, 2011 IP
  2. JohnMac1

    JohnMac1 Peon

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    What security plugin(s) are you running on the registration page? If you are just using the Captcha plugin, I suggest changing to reCaptcha and also adding the Security Question plugin created by -G33K-. Once I installed both of those (they work excellent together), bot/spam users who registered and did exactly what you said cut down 100% and it was almost like they were non-existant.

    Also, with reCaptcha and the Security Question plugin installed, you don't need members to activate their accounts.

    Both plugins are available in the MyBB Mods database.

    JohnMac1, Nov 22, 2011 IP
  3. kruzzen

    kruzzen Guest

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    reCAPTCHA is broken, bots can easily get through that. I wouldn't even bother with that modification.

    Any sort of Q&A modification is going to be your best bet. Just make the questions related to your forum's niche and make them a bit difficult. I mean members who are joining your niche should know the answers right? Or at least be able to Google them. Bot are not going to do that usually.

    Stop Forum Spam modifications are also a good choice, you would freak out to see how many spammers that system blocks ;)
    kruzzen, Nov 29, 2011 IP
  4. sambling

    sambling Well-Known Member Affiliate Manager

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    The basic one that all forums need is the stopforumspam one as said above.
    sambling, Nov 29, 2011 IP
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    I've found stopforumspam, akismet and registration security question to be a pretty awesome combination.

    Here's a screenshot of my SFS logfile:


    Like Kruzzen said, the amount of spammers it stops dead is insane!
    benjaminp, Nov 29, 2011 IP