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Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by Xbes, Aug 20, 2013.

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    hello guys

    i believe this post a lot of people gonna ignore it but its useful topic

    i just thinking i need this for my forum and i believe a lot of people gonna need it for their forums

    all of you know the plugin name Mytabs that organize your forums/categorys so what i want to say is there any way ANY WAY to improve/make a new awesome seo like

    the mytabs normal link is sitename.com/?tab=1

    but for example i make a tab name technology

    the tab url will be like technology.sitename.com <-- can you see? its as subdomain, impossible? bull crap nothing is impossible just like imgur your name is subdomain and like digital point forum and news as subdomains

    when some one click at the technology tab and move to technology.sitename.com for example i made a forum name mobile the forum url will be like technology.sitename.com/mobile <-- can you see that? its awesome idea and mobile forum has a thread of course and the thread url will be like for example nokia e75 the thread url will be like technology.sitename.com/mobile/nokia-e75 <--- hahaha great idea lol what about the sub forums? no worry its will be like for example we made a sub forum for mobile forum the url will be like technology.sitename.com/mobile/sub-forum-name <--- simple and easy to make
    maybe this idea is kinda weird but i swear its awesome and make your forum easy to find on google with this SEO
    still the calendar its easy

    from /calendar.php to /calendar

    and the calendar days months and year will be like

    see? its awesome

    and about users

    we could make it like sitename.com/@username or /user/username

    and for page manger plugin

    sitename.com/page/page-name or sitename.com/page-name directly

    its awesome i know thats gonna improve mybb Forum and SEO

    so please guys dont ignore this thread if you know how to make it feel free to PM me or post it here

    and thanks
    Xbes, Aug 20, 2013 IP
  2. malcsimm

    malcsimm Well-Known Member

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    That sounds like a pretty cool idea to plan out your site URLs like that to make them SEO friendly.

    I am just installing a forum and I've chosen to try BBPress. So I'll check that my links are SEO friendly like this in the testing.

    Reading a few posts on DP I'm starting to wonder if I should have chosen BBPress, now. My only other experience is with SMF.

    For now I'll keep an open mind on what to use. I don't want any huge forum thing – just something to encourage communication on my blog and get me a bit of Google love.

    malcsimm, Aug 31, 2013 IP
  3. Shole93

    Shole93 Well-Known Member

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    This is I think easy to make you just need to create the forum, make the tabs, create the subdomains and than comes the a bit trickier part:
    You will need to make those tabs redirect to the correct subdomain in which you will find the same forum tabs but a different forum, so what you would have to do is create x different forums and connect them (use only one mysql database).
    Shole93, Sep 21, 2013 IP
  4. AmanDH

    AmanDH Active Member

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    Very much agreed
    Also mybb doesn't have blog functionality so you will also need to connect it with wordpress or any other CMS you want
    You just need to setup the complete forum on subdomain, blog on a subdomain and configure your site to use 1 sql database
    You will also need google SEO plugin, which can do the job for changing the SEO style of your website
    Also for using mobile site you will need to optimize your site,, refer this
    This is how you can do it
    AmanDH, Sep 21, 2013 IP
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