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My website gives "everybody" an error but it works just fine

Discussion in 'Site & Server Administration' started by andynewcastleth, Mar 17, 2020.

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    I have website which runs just fine. I'm visiting it on PC, mobile, tablet and I'm even using Google Search Console & Analytics. And it just runs OK 100%. No issues whatsoever for me.
    But when I'm promoting it (like direct Emails, social media etc.) I'm quite regularly getting responses "that website doesn't work" or "that link gives me an error". This issue lasts for months. I checked it on all my devices. I tried online web tests. Checked blacklists. Everything is OK. But I'm still getting "web doesn't work" from some people. These are just regular people and best they can do is give me "it gives me an Error message in a browser". And it's tons and tons of people. Not just some. A lot of. (it seems to be mostly mobile users)

    I have no idea what to check next or what is going on?

    Domain is www - nebankovky - cz
    Least working page seems to be www - nebankovky - cz/porovnani-nebankovnich-pujcek/
    andynewcastleth, Mar 17, 2020 IP
  2. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    One of my sites threw errors being linked from facebook, turned out the hosting company had a funky little line a conf file that messed things up.

    I'm not seeing issues, even tried emailing the link to myself.
    sarahk, Mar 17, 2020 IP
  3. SolaDrive

    SolaDrive Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    There are a quite a few questions in order for us to help you, however it seems to be related to your site being on Nortons block list: https://safeweb.norton.com/report/show?url=nebankovky.cz

    1. The site seems to work fine from multiple geographical locations: https://geopeeker.com/fetch/?url=ne...=3B3eUYExQYxyjnNy4Om8WmI7e7LpH9oLCdIglBJa9hM=
    2. Does it display any errors in Google Chrome Console (F12 >> Console tab)
    3. Are you able to ask these people for a screenshot, or what the specific error says? For example, is it a 4xx or 5xx error code?
    4. Does this only happen when they try to open the site from their email?

    It sounds like this is more of an issue on the local viewers end, maybe their firewall or ISP is blocking the domain or flagging it as risky.
    SolaDrive, Mar 18, 2020 IP
  4. andynewcastleth

    andynewcastleth Peon

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    I didn't know about site being on Norton block list. If it means all people with Norton antivirus are blocked from the site it could explain the issue.

    I created account and submited my site for re-evaluation.


    Like I said, it's hard to get any responses from users, other than "it doesn't work".... .
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2020
    andynewcastleth, Mar 23, 2020 IP