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my some keywords are fixed last 5 months

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by we24support, Apr 17, 2013.

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    hi friends
    can u suggestion me why my keywords fixed in goolge search engine. i m working with hardly but not improvement so plz explain
    what kind of work in these keywords
    we24support, Apr 17, 2013 IP
  2. Arick unirow

    Arick unirow Acclaimed Member

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    I have seen numerous time some keyword weren't moving and steady for one of my sites. It was caused by so many things.
    First, On Page SEO wasn't enough to lift the keyword. Deep linking the keyword surely will help (based on my opinion). What you need to do is write your keyword and make list of any possible articles to support it. So if your keyword is CAR, you have to make a post or domain with that keyword as main anchor text. Then create multiple articles that link to the selected article/domain. Linked articles should have another articles to support it. In three weeks, there would be a result. Search Engine would pick the best page that represent your keyword.

    CAR => My CAR (1), Your Car(2), Their Car (3) => My Own Car (1a), My Luxury Car (1b), etc...

    What really matters here is you have to understand what TITTLE give value to the articles/domain. So you have to make deep research to get title for your sub back-link (My Car, Your Car, - see above).

    Second, Your rank for specified keyword maybe changing but another site may also changing too. I'm not quite sure about it.

    Third, your keyword maybe 'locked' by SE. I have seen numerous keyword was 'locked' and SE was lazy to update them. It would change but maybe for a year or more. Maybe they think the position was correct for visitor.

    Fourth, Check it using different browsers. I have seen my site was in the first page at the first line (google.com) while browsing using Mobile phone. In some browser, it fluctuate in second, third or even fourth place (using global google.com, non localization). SE also has localization which mean the domain in first page will differ based on the country where you live.

    I hope it help you.

    Last, You may want to include your keyword and your site so other may able to help you. If you want to make it secret, just send PM to selected members whom trying to help you. Don't send PM to me as I was too lazy and have less skills in SEO.

    Arick unirow, Apr 17, 2013 IP
  3. afoley77

    afoley77 Active Member

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    Make sure that you are working with low competitive keywords of high searches..
    afoley77, Apr 17, 2013 IP