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My Site Rank Out! (including photo to understand)

Discussion in 'Google Sitemaps' started by bobiras, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Hi to all, i need your help, anyone can help me the God with Him!
    Rank of subdomains of my site got bad... (not the homepage)! My site is 3 years old!

    My homepage is #1 for 2-3 keywords and is still first for them!

    3 other urls of my page have the following move:

    url1:-->kw1 #7 gone--->75
    url2:-->kw2 #6 gone--->58
    url3:-->kw3 #7 gone---> nowhere can find for keyword!!

    Attention!! --> Both of 3 urls are not banned from google, are still indexed (yes and url3, i can find it for other more specific searches)

    I cant imagine why that happened... url1 and url3 had some direct backlinks build the last month... (not many less than 100) but url2 didnt have any bcklinks!

    I think maybe its a problem with robots.txt so here is printscreen to say your opinion:

    1--> what this means? Doesn't find sitemap?
    2--> Is something of them that it should be allowed??
    3--> What does the url of sitemap there means? That it is disallowed for robot?
    4--> Is there correct my mydomain

    5--> here??

    Thank you all - Believe in your Help!!
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2012
    bobiras, Feb 16, 2012 IP
  2. gamingmaster42

    gamingmaster42 Well-Known Member

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    1 - it found your sitemap
    2 - That depends on your site
    3 - No, it just tells where your sitemap is
    4 - I'm not sure what that is.
    Your ranking is probably because of the Google Dance, just keep building backlinks and posting unique contents
    gamingmaster42, Feb 16, 2012 IP